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FSM can complete your emergency plan and in addition provide you with either 2D or 3D building plans, which will clearly display the means of escape, fire fighting equipment and actions in the event of a fire. This will ensure staff and visitors are fully informed and will demonstrate your business commitment to fire safety.

You need to have an emergency plan for dealing with a fire situation. The purpose of an emergency plan is to ensure that employees, visitors and contractors in your premises know what to do if there is a fire and that the premises can be safely evacuated.

You must give clear and relevant information and appropriate instructions to your staff, visitors and the employers of other people working in your premises, such as contractors, about how to prevent fires and what they should do if there is a fire. 

Your emergency plan should be based on the outcome of your fire risk assessment and be available for your employees, their representatives (where appointed) and the enforcing authority.

In very small premises the emergency plan may be no more than a fire action notice. However, in larger more complex premises the emergency plan will need to be more detailed and compiled only after consultation with other occupiers and other responsible people, e.g. owners, who have control over the premises or building.

We can also assist with Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans and Generic Emergency Evacuation Plans.

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2D Emergency Plan

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